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Clean air. Clean campus.

In an effort to provide a healthy, smoke-free environment for everyone on campus, and in accordance with USM policy, we ask that you join us in creating a Smoke-Free UMBC.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you choose to smoke, the campus has provided two designated areas removed from major pedestrian traffic. The two locations are the Park Road Smoking Area (adjacent to Lots 1 and 3) and the Fine Arts Service Smoking Area (near the Fine Arts Building service area).
  • Permanent smoking shelters will be installed during the fall semester.
  • University enforcement personnel will be issuing verbal and written warnings over the next few months. After the new policy has been fully instituted, smoking outside designated smoking areas will result in a $50 fine.
  • Enforcement is everyone’s responsibility. If you see someone smoking on campus please politely inform them of the new policy. If you do not feel comfortable approaching someone violating the policy, we ask that you report the incident.
  • If you would like to stop smoking, University Health Services offers free visits with a medical provider who will provide support and discuss various options for quitting.